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A great t-shirt begins with great art!
Can you provide your own art? Absolutely, just follow these guidelines and
everything should be relatively painless for all involved...

Customer Provided Art requirements

Preferred Media formats
• email
This is the most accepted format, easiest for us and for you. Files under 10Mb can be emailed to

• CDR or Zip Drive
If your files are larger than 10Mb, burn them to disc or zip and drop it in the mail to us.
Please use a good, padded envelope to insure a safe arrival of your files and mail to:

Art Submission c/o
Workhorse Printery
800 Northern Ave.
Clarkston, GA 30021

Zip drives will be returned upon completion of your order. CDR's will be kept on file for reorders.

Vector Based Art, Preferred
Vector based art is the most preferred format for receiving art files for your order. These files are smaller and faster to work with, provided cleaner lines and do not diminish in quality when you increase or decrease them in size. Also, editing text is much easier when updates or changes are required.
All text must be converted to outlines or paths, or include the fonts with your submission.Not doing so may may require us to find suitable replacement fonts.

File Types:

Adobe Illustrator CS3 or earlier
Macromedia Freehand 10 or earlier
CorelDraw files, if they have been exported as .ai or.eps files. Native .cdr files are unacceptable.


Raster Based Art :
Rasterized or bitmapped art files are crated in programs such as Photoshop or Paint. They are generally larger in size, more complex and sometimes require more work to separate.
One disadvantage to rasterized art is that it's quality is diminished when increasing it's size. Please don't supply us with a thumbnail or web graphic and expect us blow it up to fill the front of the shirt. It won't be pretty, trust us.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 or earlier
Please supply artwork in Photoshop spot color channel separations, anything else will be charged a separation charge.
CMYK or RGB files are not correctly color separated for screen print purposes.

Please supply art files at size to be printed.

300dpi please. 72 dpi jpegs downloaded from the internet are of too poor quality to be reproduced.

File Types:

Other Rules:
If required, please specify what PMS colors you prefer. We mix to Pantone Coated Stock, for your reference.

Please specify the location to be printed on the garment
(left chest, full chest, right sleeve, full back, etc.)

Undesirable formats include:
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
photocopied or faxed art
Business card or letterhead logos
low resolution web graphics
bitmapped clipart or jpegs

While we MAY be able to use these, they will not yield the highest quality results and will require a substantial art fee to get them to a usable state.

Email art files under 10Mb to

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